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I have been so bad and not posted recently, but have lots of news. The Minion Cupcakes came out adorable and one of my water aerobics ladies got some just for fun for her grandkids! I attended Justin Willman’s magic show Tricked Out and it was a blast! We were seated in the front row and actually became part of the magic show for the Cupcake Wars Contest. There were only 2 cupcake bakers at the Pasadena Playhouse that evening, but is was still fun. We both went on stage at the same time and I had my signature cupcakes Pink Almond Champagne and my opponet had a Red Velvet. It ended up being a tie! Mr Cupcake and I recently attended the Launch Party for Cupcakes Magazine which was a benefit for the LA Food Bank hosted by Scott L Schwartz. It was held at the Anabelle Hotel in Burbank. Mr Cupcake waved to someone when we arrived and it was photographer Albert Ortega. I must say it was truly Albert who got Jay and I together. As I was looking at Jay’s web page years ago, there was a great picture of him that made me say, “Hmmmm, he would be nice to meet” and if it wasn’t for that picture, we probably would have never met. It was Albert who took that picture for Jay’s web page. Thank you Albert! It was a fun event and fun to walk on the “Red Carpet”. I am working on a cupcake stand for my friends Sean & Lis’s wedding. I am only half way through and will actually finish at the reception hall. Whew, lots of fun news and more exciting news coming down the road, but you will have to stay tuned for that. Off to cupcake land!!