Serendipity Cupcakes

Order by Phone or Email

Regular Cupcakes
$51 per dozen
Mini Cupcakes

$28 per dozen
(minimum order is 2 dozen; for Champagne Mini Cupcakes, must be 2 dozen of same flavor)

Cupcakes in a Jar

(does not include shipping/must be same flavor)

6 Small Size Jars – $45
4 Large Size Jars – $51
6 Small Size Gluten Free/Vegan Jars – $50
4 Large Size Gluten Free/Vegan Jars – $57 

Gluten Free + Vegan / Non-Dairy

Regular Gluten-Free and
Vegan/Non Dairy Cupcakes – $55 per dozen

Mini Gluten-Free and
Vegan/Non Dairy Cupcakes – $36 per dozen

Macie's Morsels

A treat even your best friend can eat.

6 Small Size Jars – $30

Muffins Now Available!

Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Almond

Mini Muffins – $35 per dozen
(minimum order is 2 dozen)

Regular Size Muffins – $53 per dozen

Cookies available upon request.
Additional Notes

Payment through PayPal is available.

Serendipity Cupcakes are hand delivered to customers in Glendale, LA Canada, Burbank, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre and a small delivery fee will apply.

Don’t live in Los Angeles? No problem! Cupcakes in a Jar are available for shipping, so you can satisfy that Serendipity craving no matter where you are.

Please allow 48 to 72 hours to fulfill your order.

Special event orders should be placed a minimum of one week in advance of the event. If you are planning a themed event and are interested in personalized decorations or flavors, just ask!