Serendipity Cupcakes

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Belmont I

Belmont II

Belmont IV

Again the weeks are flying by and its been crazy busy! The prom was held on a Sunday and the day before I took the unfrosted cupcakes and bowls of frosting and sprinkles to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks. I started off with three girls helping out and before all was said and done, I had at least six girls helping out frosting and adding sprinkles and perils to the cupcakes. They had a great time doing this and it was so much fun for me. I am attaching pictures of the final display of cupcakes and the prom dress mannequin. I recently had the opportunity to work with a florist in Burbank on a corporate event. The florist and I coordinated the set up and made sure the cupcakes and flowers matched perfectly. I was requested to do make cupcakes that looked “compassionate” and so I did. I had pastel yellow butterflies, white chocolate doves which I made and silver stars with blue glitter to resemble the skies at dusk. I am attaching pictures of this event as it turned out wonderful! Off to plan the next cupcake event, which I will talk about next week.