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Chefs Ctr

The kitchen that I bake at Chefs Center in Pasadena held a mixer and several people participated by giving out samples of their products that they produce. I attached a photo of part of my cupcake display for the evening. Many people went through and it was an interesting shower

Lately, there have been many baby showers. I attached a photo of a set up I did for a baby shower. It was fun finding baby items for the set up and the grandmother seemed quite happy with the set up, yes!

I have come up finally with a gluten free cupcake that I am happy with. I tried it out on my BNR Group that I met with this morning. I made a vanilla cake and incorporated apricot preserves into the batter and topped off with a White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing, yummmmmm, I do have to say it was quite good and everyone in the meeting had one or two and said they were excellant! So, I will be adding that to my menu.Marley
Last week, I participated in the opening of the Original Scent custom fragrance bar in Pasadena. I attached a picture of myself and Marley, the owner of Party Goddess Event Planning. It was such a fun event and I met so many nice people, but when I asked Jeff Goldblum if he would like to try one of my cupcakes, he said “no, not on my diet”, so that was a bummer. But, that is ok,many people liked them. I met Sonja of Casa Dumetz Wines and I got a bottle of wine to try in a cupcake recipe, so I am excited to try that out!

That is it for today! Off to cupcake!