Serendipity Cupcakes

Gluten Free Cupcakes-Events Coming Up

I do not not know where time goes. I presented a gluten free lemon cupcake to my friends at a meeting we attended who can not eat gluten. I was not real happy about it, as I am used to a light and moist cupcake, however my gluten friends seemed to enjoy it! I have another meeting next Tuesday and I have another flavor I am going to try to see how that one goes. I will keep trying until I perfect it.

On Saturday, I am doing another Artisans’ Market at Williams-Sonoma located at 142 S Lake in Pasadena from noon-4:00pm. The last market was held in February and was a success for the first one. I plan on making Peach Bellini Champagne, Chocolate Chocolate Chip Mint decorated for St Patty’s Day and I am still contemplating the 3rd flavor. Also, on Saturday I am donating some cupcakes to Molly Taylor who is going to particpate in the AIDS/Life Cycle Ride. A Bake ‘n Buy Bakesale will be held at Jones Coffee located at 693 S Raymond in Pasadena from 11:00am-4:00pm. It will be a great bake sale for a great cause. I plan to tailor the cupcakes, so they coordinate with the AIDS theme i.e. red ribbon chocolate pieces etc……. So, stop by the bake sale and then head over to Williams-Sonoma!

On Monday, Chef’s Center where I do my baking is holding a Spring Friends Mixer, so people from all areas of business have been invited to see several artisans displays. So a very busy baking weekend.

I also have been on a search for the “Pink House” in Lake Como, Italy where Mr Cupcake aka Jay’s great-great grandfather originally saw a house that he liked while honeymooning in Como and came back to New York and had one built. The Lake Como newspaper actually ran a story saying we were looking for the house. This all came about when I was doing water aerobics one morning at the YMCA and one lady Anna mentioned her sister lives in Lake Como, so that got my wheels spinning and I asked her if she would send her a picture of the Pink House in New York to see if she knew of a similiar house in Como. After she contacted the “archives” a story ran in the paper saying we were looking for it. Someone did contact Anna’s sister to say they know the house, but we seem to be having problems getting an actual street address for it. Jay & I want to go to Italy and see the house, but with no address, it makes it a little hard. So, now I am doing some research to locate this house we so desparately want to find.

off to baking…….