Serendipity Cupcakes

Every Way Woman and Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Conference

Well, I made it through my birthday! So far, no jury duty yet this week. I had a pleasant surprise since my last blog. I was contacted by a local Pasadena show called Every Way Woman to be a guest on their show that is now going national! This past Sunday I went to their studios and was interviewed. It was so exciting  yet I was so nervous at the same time. I spoke about how Mr Cupcake aka/ Jay my husband is such a tremendous support behind my business and almost started crying. I have talked about his support numerous times, but it hit me as I spoke about it on camera, yikes…..They will let me know when it will air, which should be sometime this summer and will post as soon as I know.

I had an exciting order to do for someone who’s birthday fell on the same day as mine! She was having a Jimmy Buffet themed party. I wanted to find a parrot chocolate mold, but wasn’t able to find anything cute. Then online I found the cutest parrot, however it was in Hong Kong. I took the chance and bought it hoping it would arrive in time for me to make 60 parrots with chocolate and it did! The mold was just 1 single parrot, so I spent the week before making parrots each day, but they turned out so cute! I actually made the chocolate in the color of a green parrot.

I also participated in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Arcadia Cancer survivors and their caregivers day at the Santa Anita Racetrack this past Sunday. It was a great day to be at the races and hopefully, they enjoyed my sponsorship of cupcakes.

On to the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Conference this Friday! I have also been asked to participate in the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival the first week in May, so that should be fun since we are also involved in the film world!

Off the cupcake land!