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Asian Film Festival/Mothers Day/Every Way Woman

asian film fest IEvery Way Woman

Its been hectic the last few weeks with cupcake events. The last blog I was having issues getting photos to attach, but I was able to attach some today. I have attached one photo of my interview on Every Way Woman. I am still waiting to find out when the show will broadcast and I will let everyone know once I do. Last Thursday I provided cupcakes for the Asian Film Festival which is being held at the Directors Guild. I was rather overwhelmed at the crowd of people and everyone seemed to enjoy sampling cupcakes. It was great fun to see the dad from The Wonder Years, Dan Lauria as I used to watch that show. Mr Cupcake also picked out Bill Murrays brother. I have also been busy working on Mothers Day Cupcakes, Confirmation Celebration Cupcakes and hopefully, Graduation Day Cupcakes! I recently created a new cupcakes using Casa Dumetz Wine and hope Sonja the owner will be able to taste them one day soon. I also provided cupcakes for the LA Latina Bloggers Conference that was held in downtown LA and met some very nice people. They were lining up to eat cupcakes! As soon as Mothers Day passes I will be taking a weeks break from cupcakes before Memorial Day and those graduation orders start pouring in.

Off to cupcaking!