Serendipity Cupcakes

Happenings for this week

This week in cupcakeland brings an event in El Monte. I will be a vendor at the Annual Rotary Club Spagetti Dinner Fundraiser. It should be a fun evening of tasty spagetti, live entertainment and raffles! The fundraiser will be held at Grace T Black Auditorium located at 3130 Tyler Ave, El Monte, CA. from 4-7:00pm. So, tomorrow Mr Cupcake aka/Jay Woelfel and I will head over to Chef’s Center in Pasadena to create some fall type cupcakes, although it does not feel like fall this week. I decided to create a Halloween themed table since its so close to Halloween and it will at least look like fall. I have some cool colored lights that I will place into a bowl and then place a large plate on top of the bowl and place my cupcakes to sell on top of that. Should give the plate a nice glowing effect. I will post pictures next week on the table set up, so you can see how neat it is. Kudos to Mr Cupcake as Jay is an independent film maker and happily puts on his manly apron to come and help me out and never complains at all. Stay tuned for photos and I also have a special post coming up soon.