Serendipity Cupcakes

Pink House

Just got back from the “Pink House” in Wellsville, New York. My husband and I walked in the annual Ridgewalk, which is either a run, walk or bicycle through the mountains. Luckily, we had nice temps and sun for the 2 mile walk we chose to do. I really love visting this town for many reasons. One is the opportunity to visit the family home called the Pink House that has been in the family since 1868 when Jay’s great-great grandfather built the house. Its been said that while on his honeymoon with his bride in Lake Cuomo Italy, they spotted a pink Italian Victorian home and came back to Wellsville and had it built. Another treat is visting the Gathering Place Coffee Shop. Jay’s mom and I go to Curves and then head over to the Gathering Place for coffee and a cookie. The coffee shop is owned by Jean Murray Colegrove.Jean will have several different types of cookies and a few sandwich choices for lunch. I love this place as the locals will gather and “chew the fat” each morning. This shop was really an inspiration for me to have a shop someday, a place where people can come and “chew the fat” and just hang out as they have some coffee and a cupcake. An oddity about this story is my father has a friend from his navy days that he still stays in touch that lives not too far from Wellsville. When I started dating Jay, I told my parents about this Pink House in Wellsville, New York that their family owned and my dad said “Kristy, we used to drive by that house”. When I was a child, we would travel to this area to visit his naval friend and family and here Jay could have been outside playing as we drove by. So, I believe we were meant to be as we come up on our 2nd anniversary on the 30th. So, now I must get back to baking cupcakes!