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Hawaiian Themed Wedding & American Business Womens Assoc

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On Saturday I had a cupcake set up at the LA Arboretum for a Hawaiian themed wedding in Peacock colors. It was fun as a real peacock was keeping an eye on me and the cupcakes. I attached a photo of the cupcake tree and also the toppers I used. I made a groom topper which consisted of a chocolate bow tie and 3 perils used for buttons. The brides topper was a piece of veil with perils adorning the head piece. It was fun to work with the florist who was out of Sierra Madre.

Prior to the wedding I attended the 50th anniversary of a group I belong to the American Business Womens Association. This event was held at the Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, CA. This restaurant is special to me as this is where Jay took me right after he proposed, so I love going there and the views are out of this world. I nominated my husband Jay for the Business Associate of the year, but he didn’t win, but loved that I nominated him.

I am working on testing a Spanish style cupcake, so the first one I am going to attempt is a Sangria Cupcake and then I will move on to an Almond Cupcake. Stay tuned for my success on that.