Serendipity Cupcakes

Move from Ohio to California

For my birthday, I flew to California to visit Jay. On my birthday, Jay said lets go shopping. I had been wanting an entertainment unit, so I assumed that is what we were going shopping for. We walked all 3 levels of the mall and we stopped and leaned on the rail and I kept wondering when are we going to look for my gift. Jay had mentioned to me, if he was ever going to propose to someone there was a special jewelry store, which he had seen years earlier and that would be the place he would get the ring from. It was a beautiful, unique store, not like your average jewelry store, but something special about it. So, he said “Would you marry me?”, of course I said “YES”!! Years earlier before I even knew Jay existed, my friend Nancy’s mother would say “Chrissy, when are you going to get married?” and I would always answer “I don’t know”, but one day I said the same thing “I don’t know, but I do know where it would be”. I had a vision of me up above on a cliff over looking an ocean. Right away, she said “thats Hotel Del in San Diego”. So, I tucked that information away in case I needed it down the road. Once he asked me to marry him, I said we must go check out Hotel Del in San Diego, which we did,but it was way out of our budget, unfortunately. I checked around with my good friends Bob & Nancy about locations around San Diego that might fit that bill. They had mentioned La Jolla and a beautiful Bridge Club that was above the cove area. So, on my next trip to California, we went there. It was absolutely beautiful and just what I had imagined. The seals were beached on the rocks below and the courtyard at the bridge club would be the perfect spot for a outdoor wedding. As we were taking photos of the location, I thought the area looked familiar to me and that is because years before I knew Jay, Bob & Nancy had taken me there to sightsee when I was visiting them.

Stay tuned and you will soon know how the cupcakes actually to be baked…..