Serendipity Cupcakes

How Serendipity Cupcakes Really Began

One day while at work in Columbus, Ohio a co-worker called me over and showed me her computer and said I used to date this guy during high school, I said “no way”. He was a handsome man who lived in California. I have really good friends Bob & Nancy in Hemet, CA, so I thought maybe I could meet him one day since I came out to California on my vacation each summer. We actually tried to meet twice in Ohio, once on a day I was not at work and he stopped by and a second time he was visiting Ohio again, but the night we were to meet, tornadoes were happening and I was not going to go out in the severe weather. A couple of months later I was visiting my friends in California, my handsome man “Jay” drove 2 hours into the desert to meet me, never had even seen a picture of me. That was the start of our long distance romance. While we were dating, I told Jay of my visions to one day have a cupcake shop, possibly a coffee shop/cupcake shop combined. I had visions of it in my head. It would be very casual, lots of pink and white colors, a place where people could come and “chew the fat”. My grandfather used to “chew the fat” each day with his buddies at a local bakery in Ashtabula, Ohio. What a great way to start your day. So, one day as I was talking with Jay long distance, he mentioned he was shopping for store fronts for me. It was at that point I knew he was serious about helping me to follow my dream. So, I decided I better take a cake decorating class, so I would be prepared when the time came. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.