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Public Relations Workshop and My Heritage

I attended a workshop on Saturday on Public Relations for your business. I found the workshop very useful and heard some good ideas to use for the future. One question we were asked was what is our heritage and what restaurants were in your town when you were growing up. I told the moderator that I was Finnish and he wanted to know if I ate Finnish food growing up or what were most of the restaurants in my home town. I said no we didn’t normally eat Finnish food and the population of my home town was approximately 2500 people, so we didn’t really have restaurants in town, although there is one diner near the freeway, so the next town over has several Italian restaurants. Since I bake, I wasn’t really sure what this had to do with my baking skills. Today, I am still thinking about this question as it is supposed to be incorporated into a 1,000 word bio I am supposed to write. I remembered while living in Columbus, I stopped at this little bake shop/cafe that had recently opened and the owner was actually from Finland. She served some food and baked goods from there. She had a sweet bread called Nisua, not sure if I have spelled that correctly, that I used to eat for breakfast. You had to toast it to a light golden color, not too much though and put butter on it and it was so good. The Lutheran church in Ashtabula, Ohio still makes this bread and sells to the public. This is a town close to where I grew up. I remember asking the shop owner about Finnish cupcakes and she said they do make them, but they are rather dense. She did tell me the next time I am in Columbus to let her know ahead of time and she would make some. I think the next time we are there, I will call her and ask if she would make some, so I can taste. So, still not sure how to incorporate this in my bio, but it made me remember Nisua and the little bake shop/cafe in Columbus. Off to New York City for a film festival where Season of Darkness will show. I’ll see how many cupcake shops I can hit in a few days!