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Happy New Year 2013

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Central Park

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Magnolia Bakery

Happy New Year 2013!! The last 2 months were a whirlwind and am very glad to be back in sunny California. In my last post I talked about visiting New York City for a film festival that featured Jay’s movie Season of Darkness. It showed in two different theaters and the late night showing was better attended the the afternoon showing, which was a bit unorganized. We had a fun time in NYC. We accidently ran into Magnolia Bakery, so if course we went in and tried a cupcake. I attached a picture of the inside, which was cute. We also had to see what Serendipity 3 Cafe was all about. That is Jay drinking their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate, it was tasty. We ended up taking a nice ride around Central Park on the rickshaw which is also pictured. We were back a week and headed to Ohio for the holidays. It was very gray, white and cold. Other then the cold, we had a good time and saw lots of friends and family. I started a Ladies Coffee group several years ago when I was living there and the tradition has continued, so we had an impromptu Ladies Coffee while I was there. Starting to dive into new cupcake projects for 2013. One very exciting event coming up is my friend Lori Hartwells 14 Annual Renal Prom. This prom is held for young adults who have kidney issues. Its a great event that Lori and her helpers put on. The day before the prom, I am going to take unfrosted cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles to the high school and let the kids decorate them. I have an exciting set up in the works, which I will do the day of the prom. I never attended my schools prom, so I am excited to attend this one, kind of like a dream come true. I had planned to try a beer cupcake that I plan to promote for the Super Bowl, but I ended up making “buckeyes” per a friends request who didn’t know what a buckeye is. Essentially, its peanut butter dipped into chocolate. This is a family favorite for Christmas. I took some to a networking meeting this morning and got rave reviews, one person said “I have never tried anything like this”. Its really an Ohio “thing” and people in California have never heard of this special treat.

On to a great 2013 for my cupcakes and stay tuned for more cupcake posts and pictures!