Serendipity Cupcakes

Serendipity Cupcakes Dream Advances

As I became older, I progressed my baking skills with an Easy Bake Oven! I loved making those little chocolate cakes in those cute little pans. They didn’t taste the best, but it sure was fun. Soon my grandmother and mother were allowing me to help them with the real stove. I started helping make pies, I just loved eating the raw dough, that was the best part! My favorite cake to bake was a chocolate cake with blue-green icing. It was so good. At Christmas time, it was great fun making all kinds of holiday type cookies, which I still due to this day. I love being able to give friends, neighbors and family my cookies. Cupcakes were always so fun to make and to be able to decorate in anyway you like. So, I got the idea in my head someday, I want to have a little cupcake business……. Stay tuned to find out how that became possible, its a great “serendipity” story.