New market

Serendipity Cupcakes will now be participating in the Universal Studios Back lot/NBC private farmers market! I am very excited to be joining this market. I have two new flavors that I have added for the summer and possibly permanent they are an Apple Pie Cupcake which is shown in the photo and a Pineapple Rum Cupcake, both are very yummy!
Apple Pie Cupcakes

Happy New Year 2015

2014 was a busy cupcake year! 2015 will bring some exciting changes. New items will be added to the menu, including brownies and cookies, yum!!! I will continue to participate in the monthly Williams Sonoma Artisans Market on Lake in Pasadena, CA, which is held the last Saturday of each month from noon-4pm in the courtyard behind the store. Its a small market, but a great place to meet wonderful people and sample and purchase cupcakes! Stay tuned for further updates!!10689797_734825959948106_167189096200116190_n

Jack Black at RSN Celebrity Charity Poker Tournamnet

Serendipity Cupcakes provided cupcakes for the Annual Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament held in Glendale, CA. Jack Black is getting ready to eat a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate adorned $ sign! JackBlackSerendipityCupcakes

New Summertime Flavors

Pink Lemonade

This week I have been researching new flavors to add for the summer. I tried a Pink Lemonade Cupcake and it was pretty good. I am going to try Raspberry Lemonade next as I need to make a little tweak to the cake portion. If 110% good, I will bring to the Williams-Sonoma Artisans Market on June 28th. I also want to try a Margarita or Strawberry Margarita Cupcake.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year cupcake followers! 2014 is going to be a great and succesful year for all. I have been busy creating some new flavors for the year and will update my web page shortly. Stay tuned… Off to cupcakeland.

Angelica, NY and Black Pearl Media TV Launch Party

Black Pearl Media Walking the carpetBlack Pearl Media InterviewAngelica Sweet ShopAngelicaAngelica 2nd AntiqueAngelica Antique Shop

The pictures I posted from Angelica, New York consist of the Sweet Shop and 2 of several antique shops in the little town. It is so fun going here each time we visit the Pink House. One year I went into Angelica Gallery on Main Street and started talking with the lady checking me out and come to find out she used to live 10 minutes from where I live in California, what a small world! If you love to go antique shopping, then this is the town to go. You can’t not stop at the Sweet Shop, everyone needs candy!

Last Friday I participated in the Black Pearl Media TV Launch Party. Both photos are me on the red carpet! The last photo I am being interviewed, what fun! This weekend I am working on ideas for the Phillip Palmer Celebrity Golf Tournament that is being held Monday to benefit Children’s Hospital. I spent yesterday making golf flags out of construction paper for some mini cupcakes. I will have to get back to you on how that turns out!!

Wellsville, New York vacation

Wellsville Pink House

Wellsville Mom and Dad

Wellsville Modern Diner

Wellsville Joan Shari me

Wellsville Gathering Place II

Wellsville Gathering Place

Wellsville Curves

Serendipity Cupcakes took a little time off to recharge the batteries. Mr Cupcake and I headed off to Wellsville, New York and stayed at the family home The Pink House. We always love visiting The Pink House! This visit was extra special as my parents drove over, which was a short 3 hour drive and my 2 girlfriends who were also were my bridesmaids for our wedding Joan and Shari drove 6 hours. Shari was my water aerobics instructor in Ohio and Joan stood in the shallow end of the pool with me since we are both short. We started our day together at the Modern Diner. We had never eaten there and was quite surprised at what a good breakfast we had. We had a great time antique shopping and eating for the couple of days they visited. The photos attached are Joan Wells, myself and Shari Wheeler. In the other photo is my parents, the ones laughing!

Each day during the week, I start my day off by going to Curves with my mother in law Marcile. Its really fun going as everyone is SO nice and even though I only visit once or twice a year, the ladies still remember me as if I go everyday. The owner Carol is so very nice and seems to enjoy helping everyone with their workout issues. After the workout is out of the way, we head over to The Gathering Place. Yes, we work out and then get a coffee and cookie! Usually, there is a table full of regulars “chewing the fat”, but on this day there was one older gentleman and Jean, the owner. This older gentleman was telling us how he has lived in a small town all his life, he was very nice. On the other side of The Gathering Place is an antique shop, so I always go there next and “just look”, but I always find something. This time I found a wooden shelf that I am going to display cupcakes on. This coffee shop was really an inspiration to me as I would love to have a place that people can come and “chew the fat”.

Today I created some Lego Cupcakes for a 4 year old’s birthday party, photos to follow next week. I have many upcoming events for the end of next week, including a TV Lauch Party and Williams-Sonoma Artisan’s Market, so stay tuned for next week for more Wellsville stories and upcoming event news… Off to cupcakeland, actually to bake some sugar cookies for a going away present!

Wedding, Gender Reveal Cupcake and upcoming news

Tier-CupcakesFrankienstein TopperGender Revealcupcakeofthemonth

My friends Sean & Lis Cain were married this past weekend and it was a beautiful outdoor wedding. Lis said the display was more then she imagined it would be. She also mentioned the cake topper which was the bride of Frankenstein even looked romantic a top the jumbo cupcakes.

I did my first gender reveal cupcake! This cupcake was so fun. I was called with the sex of the baby and I was the only one that knew. I was told it was “A Girl”, so I went to work quickly filling the center with pastel pink icing. That evening the family was gathering for a family dinner and everyone would take a bite out of the cupcake at the same moment and they would know what the mother was having. I hope it was great fun!

I have had exciting news this week. I will be doing a cupcake display for the Jack Black Renal Support Celebrity Poker Tournament to be held in November. I will have more news on that as time nears. Also, I have been requested to pass out mini cupcakes on a golf hole during Phillip Palmer’s Celebrity Golf Tournament to be held in October, so more coming on that. Also, I have a You Tube Video that has just been posted of my segment I did on the TV Show Every Way Woman. That episode will air on a Pasadena TV station in about a month. I will have to figure out how to add that to my blog, but for now you can search Kristy Woelfel on You Tube and you can see the segment!

Actually, I am not off to cupcaking right now, I am headed to the Hollywood Bowl for some rest and relaxation this Labor Day Weekend! Enjoy it.

Minions/Justin Willman/Monkey/Wedding Cupcake Stand/Cupcakes Magazine

Jay & I Cupcake MagazinejustinLis Cupcake StandminionsMonkey

I have been so bad and not posted recently, but have lots of news. The Minion Cupcakes came out adorable and one of my water aerobics ladies got some just for fun for her grandkids! I attended Justin Willman’s magic show Tricked Out and it was a blast! We were seated in the front row and actually became part of the magic show for the Cupcake Wars Contest. There were only 2 cupcake bakers at the Pasadena Playhouse that evening, but is was still fun. We both went on stage at the same time and I had my signature cupcakes Pink Almond Champagne and my opponet had a Red Velvet. It ended up being a tie! Mr Cupcake and I recently attended the Launch Party for Cupcakes Magazine which was a benefit for the LA Food Bank hosted by Scott L Schwartz. It was held at the Anabelle Hotel in Burbank. Mr Cupcake waved to someone when we arrived and it was photographer Albert Ortega. I must say it was truly Albert who got Jay and I together. As I was looking at Jay’s web page years ago, there was a great picture of him that made me say, “Hmmmm, he would be nice to meet” and if it wasn’t for that picture, we probably would have never met. It was Albert who took that picture for Jay’s web page. Thank you Albert! It was a fun event and fun to walk on the “Red Carpet”. I am working on a cupcake stand for my friends Sean & Lis’s wedding. I am only half way through and will actually finish at the reception hall. Whew, lots of fun news and more exciting news coming down the road, but you will have to stay tuned for that. Off to cupcake land!!

Minions just for fun – Birthday Cupcakes

Friday night will be exciting as I am in a cupcake contest at the Pasadena Playhouse and Justin, the host from Cupcake Wars will be judging. My cupcake will be a secret until the contest is over, I do not want to jinx anything, ha! I am working on creating a Minion Cupcake, so far I have the eyes completed. I also made some birthday cupcakes, that I think came out cute. I saw a photo of these and decided to try and make them and they are adorable. Busy thinking about the contest, so off to cupcakeland! Stay tuned for cupcake results.