Serendipity Cupcakes

Hawaiian Themed Wedding & American Business Womens Assoc

On Saturday I had a cupcake set up at the LA Arboretum for a Hawaiian themed wedding in Peacock colors. It was fun as a real peacock was keeping an eye on me and the cupcakes. I attached a photo of the cupcake tree and also the toppers I used. I made a groom topper […]

Asian Film Festival/Mothers Day/Every Way Woman

Its been hectic the last few weeks with cupcake events. The last blog I was having issues getting photos to attach, but I was able to attach some today. I have attached one photo of my interview on Every Way Woman. I am still waiting to find out when the show will broadcast and I […]

Every Way Woman and Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Conference

Well, I made it through my birthday! So far, no jury duty yet this week. I had a pleasant surprise since my last blog. I was contacted by a local Pasadena show called Every Way Woman to be a guest on their show that is now going national! This past Sunday I went to their […]

Santa Anita Uncorked

The Santa Anita Uncorked was such a fun event I recently had a cupcake table at. A majority of the money collected at the door for wine and food taste testing went to local charities. The tables were set up right next to the racetrack, so we had the best seat in the house to […]

Events-Gluten Free Cupcake

The kitchen that I bake at Chefs Center in Pasadena held a mixer and several people participated by giving out samples of their products that they produce. I attached a photo of part of my cupcake display for the evening. Many people went through and it was an interesting evening. Lately, there have been many […]

Gluten Free Cupcakes-Events Coming Up

I do not not know where time goes. I presented a gluten free lemon cupcake to my friends at a meeting we attended who can not eat gluten. I was not real happy about it, as I am used to a light and moist cupcake, however my gluten friends seemed to enjoy it! I have […]

American Business Womens Association Expo

On Saturday was the 2nd Annual American Business Women’s Association Expo. It was a great time. We had a powerful speaker and also during our lunch we had¬†knowledgeable ladies at our tables speaking on business matters. This is a great organization to be involved with if you have your own business and want to meet […]

Again the weeks are flying by and its been crazy busy! The prom was held on a Sunday and the day before I took the unfrosted cupcakes and bowls of frosting and sprinkles to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks. I started off with three girls helping out and before all was said and […]

Prom Day is almost here

I am very excited as the 14th Annual Renal Teen prom is almost here. I attached a photo of the prom dress that I made that will be the focal point for the cupcake display. I was out and about walking through a department store and found a hat box that reminded me of Paris, […]

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013!! The last 2 months were a whirlwind and am very glad to be back in sunny California. In my last post I talked about visiting New York City for a film festival that featured Jay’s movie Season of Darkness. It showed in two different theaters and the late night showing was […]