Serendipity Cupcakes

Public Relations Workshop and My Heritage

I attended a workshop on Saturday on Public Relations for your business. I found the workshop very useful and heard some good ideas to use for the future. One question we were asked was what is our heritage and what restaurants were in your town when you were growing up. I told the moderator that […]

Back from Thanksgiving Travels

Its been a hectic couple of weeks. My husband Jay & I traveled back to Columbus, Ohio to screen his movie Season of Darkness. The movie was actually filmed there four years ago. Many of the cast, crew, friends and family members came out for the event and it was a success. I have attached […]

Spooky project for this week

Today I have been baking cupcakes and working on the theme for Wednesday’s event. My husband Jay is screening his movie Season of Darkness at Unviversal Studios. I told him I would be happy to do a cupcake display for the after party. I have done Halloween themed cupcakes, but never really spooky themed cupcakes. […]

Pink House

Just got back from the “Pink House” in Wellsville, New York. My husband and I walked in the annual Ridgewalk, which is either a run, walk or bicycle through the mountains. Luckily, we had nice temps and sun for the 2 mile walk we chose to do. I really love visting this town for many […]

Happenings for this week

This week in cupcakeland brings an event in El Monte. I will be a vendor at the Annual Rotary Club Spagetti Dinner Fundraiser. It should be a fun evening of tasty spagetti, live entertainment and raffles! The fundraiser will be held at Grace T Black Auditorium located at 3130 Tyler Ave, El Monte, CA. from […]

Living and working in California

Now I am living and working in California. The company I worked for in Ohio was kind enough to allow me to telecommute, so I still had my corporate job. I was living in this beautiful state, but not being able to enjoy as it as much as I would like to since I had […]

Move from Ohio to California

For my birthday, I flew to California to visit Jay. On my birthday, Jay said lets go shopping. I had been wanting an entertainment unit, so I assumed that is what we were going shopping for. We walked all 3 levels of the mall and we stopped and leaned on the rail and I kept […]

How Serendipity Cupcakes Really Began

One day while at work in Columbus, Ohio a co-worker called me over and showed me her computer and said I used to date this guy during high school, I said “no way”. He was a handsome man who lived in California. I have really good friends Bob & Nancy in Hemet, CA, so I […]

Serendipity Cupcakes Dream Advances

As I became older, I progressed my baking skills with an Easy Bake Oven! I loved making those little chocolate cakes in those cute little pans. They didn’t taste the best, but it sure was fun. Soon my grandmother and mother were allowing me to help them with the real stove. I started helping make […]